Flying the flag at Candlestick Park

Why is this here? Well, I’ve been a fan of American Football ever since the eighties Channel Four started showing late night games. Watching back then I didn’t really appreciate the nuances of the game, but it was fun to watch and I new that that team in Red and Gold seemed to win a lot, and that’s when I became a San Francisco 49ers fan. I’ve followed the NFL ever since.

When I went to university at Warwick I was anxious to mix with another group of people beyond the people I lived with and the people I studied with. It’s not that there was anything wrong with those people. I just thought it would be good to mix with more groups that the two I was obliged to. Then I discovered that I could actually play the game I had watched all those years ago, and that’s when I started to learn more about the finer points of American football.

Since then I’ve played at a variety of levels and at almost every feasible position, but the high point was being selected to play for the Great Britain Bulldogs. We played a variety of national teams and even flew out to California to play against the Menlo Oaks.

Whilst we were there we went to see the San Francisco 49ers (unfortunately) lose in a close game against the Atlanta Falcons, which is where the photo at the top of the post was taken. It was an amazing experience, and one that we as a team shared with the whole crowd went we started what was apparently the first mexican wave in that stadium for around twenty years.

Anyway, I don’t play any more because my body doesn’t heal as fast as it used to, and because my body refuses to move as fast, or hit as hard as my head thinks it should, and to be honest I was lucky to play in over a hundred games and come out of them all with nothing more serious that a dislocated pinky. I still follow the NFL though, so this is the introduction to any posts about the 49ers or the NFL.